Who built the world? Engineers
Our convenient world just… works. And it is all thanks to engineers.
Hello! My name is Nader Mowlaee.

I know how frustrating it is to lack the opportunity or the necessary skills, tools, or training to achieve your life's vision. I grew up in a family of engineers; got an electronics engineering degree, and upon graduation, faced the 2008 economic recession and failed to build a strong foundation for my engineering career.

After 3 years of struggling to get into an engineering position, I gave up on my dreams and changed my career path.

Ironically, I got a job recruiting engineers and quickly got very good at it.

Two years later, I started my own recruiting and coaching company!

I help engineers become the best version of themselves.

I Educate Engineers
I teach how to develop job searching tools, interviewing skills, and daily habits for handling stress, depression, and anxiety.
I Encourage Engineers
I motivate people to follow their dreams and give them the means to build their life's vision and make their families proud.
I Empower Engineers
I lead people to expand their level of personal development so they can unlock their true potential in career, life, and relationships.
Let's Grow Together
I love helping engineers develop the courage to break away from their fears and build inner confidence to create the ideal life they deserve.

I put mindset first to help engineers overcome life's stressful situations, and I do this because I want people to have passion for what they do, feel powerful when they do what they do, and feel purposeful in doing it.

Do you have what it takes to land the job you want?
I love teaching engineers how to get the skills they need to make a successful career transition.
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