Too many engineers are frantically applying and contacting recruiters without getting the results they want.

This creates the “Blame Spiral” and starts by blaming the resume or perhaps the job market. Then you blame the companies that didn’t hire you or the recruiter that won’t return your calls.

After a while of that, you are still unsuccessful in the job search. You realize the only person left to blame is yourself. You start to realize the actual problem could be staring you in the mirror.

You start to wonder “What’s wrong with me?”

It's All About Finding The Right People
  1. Target the right companies
  2. Find the right hiring manager
  3. Start the right conversation

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Teresa Tseng, Director of Product Management @ HTC

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Benefits of Effective Networking

Connect with recruiters and hiring managers.
Identify the unadvertised job opportunities.
Develop relationships with decision makers.
Here are the outcomes of this course:
  1. Enhancing Your Online Presence By Engaging With Industry Insights

  2. Standing Out By Better Communicating With The Hiring Managers

  3. Building Long term Relationships With Influencers and Recruiters

What's The End Result Of Your Hard Work?
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