Are You Struggling To Talk About What You Do?
Most engineers get frustrated when they find themselves unable to explain who they are and what they do in a clear and concise manner.

They ramble, confuse, and miss opportunities to make a dynamic first impression. This comes from confusion in who you are and what you want in life. We believe you should be able to open exciting doors when you effectively communicate what you offer.

It's time to create a clear personal brand.
You'll be amazed at the doors that open when you can define what you do best in a clean and concise manner!

We know that you've got some valuable expertise that can do a lot of good for any company that you're working for. Getting others to see the genius in you is your biggest challenge, especially when you are trying to get your dream job.

You deserve to be known as someone who can solve big problems and get amazing results. Nader Mowlaee is your guide to helping you capture the attention of the hiring managers you need to speak with to achieve your career goals.

This program is for anyone who needs help with describing their value and are being held back in their career because of this.
Learn to differentiate yourself with a resume and LinkedIn profile.

This system shows you a step by step process to:

    • Develop a mission statement that makes you unique
    • Write a resume that creates clarity in the employers' mind
    • Craft a cover letter that speaks to the employers’ deep desires
    • Build a LinkedIn profile that makes you to irresistible recruiters


"Nader helped me get my dream job at Apple!

He transformed my resume and LinkedIn profile in a way that elevated my marketability. And the way he put my experiences and skills into writing gave me much more confidence in my own abilities."

Meredith Meyer, Software Engineer @ Apple

Our Personal Branding Tools Will Position You For Doing Something You Love
We've got the roadmap laid out for your job search success. It's time to differentiate yourself by building a personal brand so you can make an amazing first impression wherever you go.

Get everything you need to get hired when you get the Job Search Acceleration System.

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Benefits of Personal Branding

1. Differentiate yourself from others.
2. Present yourself as an expert.
3. Take control of your job search.
This program will help you:
  • Develop a mission statement that separates you from your competition.

  • Write a resume and cover letter that creates clarity in employers' mind.

  • Build a strong LinkedIn profile that makes you an irresistible candidate.

The End Result Of Your Hard Work?
You win. You're uniquely branded and the job search can begin with clarity.
I'm Ready To Win