When you're looking for the right engineering job, it's intimidating to think that you're competing with a multitude of other exceptional individuals for any job opportunity.

This article is going to help you stand out by making the most of one of the most powerful force in getting the job: networking. 

Did you know that 70-80% of all jobs are filled entirely through networking - not posted online or on job boards.

If you’re not networking, you may be missing out on your dream job. 

Here, we’ll discuss the networking basics and what you can do to network effectively. Let’s connect!

Why is Networking Important?

Networking is much more important than many people think: almost one-third of engineers get their professional jobs through networking. 

In fact, a CivicScience study found that, from 1,535 US adults polled, respondents were 64% more likely to say they found their current or most recent job through someone they knew or their business network. 

Networking allows you access to several benefits that boost your job search. It gives you the ability to share valued insight, build your personal brand, and create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

What Happens if You Don’t Network?

You can miss out on some significant opportunities if you don’t network. For example, building personal networks leads to exclusive networking groups and allows you to access key stakeholders who advance your engineering job search.

Engineers don’t take advantage of social media platforms for networking and tend to use them for information instead. According to an Engineering360 study, 54% of respondents used social media mainly for product reviews – only 35% for networking.

An online presence makes it easier to make connections and share your valuable insight with the engineering community. It also makes it easier to promote and advance your personal brand. 

LinkedIn is the top professional social networking site, though there are many others you can use. 


How Will Networking Improve Your Career?

  • Accelerates the job search process
  • Connects you with other engineers in the industry
  • Stay up to date on events you can attend in person and continue to network

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) offers social networking features to help you connect with engineers from all around the world. Check out

7 Steps To Leverage The Power Of Job Search Networking

Here are a few tips to help you start your job search networking:

1. Start early

Start networking before you start your job search (and before the company posts the job). Talk to other employees and ask how they found their engineering position.

2. Follow and Connect with LinkedIn Engineering Influencers

Engineering experts who are active and frequently share articles and other helpful content on LinkedIn and other social media sites are valuable contacts to have in your network. Engage with them on social media, follow them, and build a connection.

3. Have Diverse Networking Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to limit your network strategy. Use various methods to expand your job search by contacting recruiters or checking out third-party agencies aimed explicitly at engineers.

4. Offer Help and Support

Mutually beneficial relationships – especially in business – are the most [xxx] kind. Offer help to influential people in your field to demonstrate your value and expand your connections.

5. Join Engineering Networking Groups and Alumni Networks

LinkedIn networking groups for engineers and your university alumni networks are just begging for action. These groups offer a whole new world of opportunities, plus a sense of community and support. 

6. Connect Your Dots

New career opportunities rarely just fall in your lap. Sure, you could spend hours upon hours scrolling through job boards, looking for the perfect job, customizing dozens of resumes to fit each one you find that has almost everything you’re looking for. 

Or, you could spend some time networking and be one of the first ones to hear about your dream job (from a friend you just had dinner with last week!). 

After all, isn’t it all about who you know? 

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